Friday, 31 July 2015

Quilled Swan Card

In my quest to beat the heat, I managed to get two little gardens done yesterday.  Then I had a 'lightbulb' moment - get out early,before the sun hits the garden, which is what I did this morning, at 6:30.  Why I didn't add mulch to my gardens in May!  Live and learn baby, live and learn!

My week has been so unexpectedly busy - I've started, but not finished any cards, but I do have a pretty card made not too long ago.

I did a few of these cards, and each swan was slightly different.  I like that.

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Thursday, 30 July 2015

Quilled Thank You Card

I woke up to a 'chilly' morning and will be heading out shortly to tend to my gardens before it heats up, so my post today is brief.

This was fun to make - I set the red and pink fringed flowers on the card, then added in the quilled leaves and buds.  Generally, I make quilled leaves etc, long before they the are used.  Ready to go when I need them. That's the 'Coles notes' version.  My garden awaits.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Quilled Ornament

Mid-way through a beautiful week of vacation and enjoying every minute!  Although  I didn't make much in the way of plans, my week is filling up with activities quite nicely.

I asked myself - is it ever too early for Christmas crafts? Noooooooo! Teehee!  This quilled ornament isn't exactly traditional Christmas colours - it's okay to break with tradition.  Especially with these fun colours!  

I've been 'quilling up a storm', so come on back soon to see what new goodies I've created.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Lolly & Sand - A Trip Down Memory Lane

For many years my dad took lots of pictures. Later in life dad became interested in genealogy and sorted through thousands of very old and new family pics in an effort document the people in the pics. I can't imagine how long it took dad to write names, places and dates on the pics, but I'm so glad he took on the project.  It resulted in 100+ photo albums full of memories.  Unfortunately Alzheimer's ended the journey a few years ago so some of the people in the pics will remain a mystery.

Today, I was looking through some of the albums, and wow - what a step back in history.  Some of the clothing & hairstyles, oh my, are sooooo groovy!  My goal was to find a pic with Lolly & myself in a pic together. After about an hour - jackpot!  I found two  Yup, two. LOL

This was taken in the Bahamas.  Somehow the date wasn't noted...let's just say it was a while ago.

Oh how I despised those glasses,  I purposely broke the arm on them, hoping my parents would spring for a new pair.  Boy oh boy, was I - they had the arm replaced, and no, it didn't match the other. Well, you can't blame a gal for trying!

Fast forward to the early eighties.  Sorry about the quality of the pic.  Note the HUGE glasses.  Can't blame mom for those, I chose them myself!  All I can say is - thank goodness for laser eye surgery!!

Guess what!!??  We signed up on Twitter so be sure to follow up.  Please be patient with us - we're still figuring out how it works.  We're so old school...teehee!

Friday, 17 July 2015

The Third of Three Baby Shower Cards

...and Friday, happy Friday! Another whirlwind of a week has come to an end and I'm ready for the weekend!  First on my to-do list is to sleep in Saturday morning. One can wish, LOL.

As promised, here is the third baby shower card.  I considered using a different embossing folder, but this patterned paper only needed the little dots.  Add in a cute little owl and sparkly 'Happy' and ta da, baby shower card! 

If you missed the other two baby shower cards, be sure to check my older posts!

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Baby Shower Card

I am inspired!  It rained most of the day - we needed the rain so bad.  Just as I sat down to work on this post, the sun came out.  Awesome!

As promised, here is the second baby shower card. This card is simply elegant!  The off-white embossed layer is a glimmer paper, the butterflies are made of sparkly paper, and I just love my new Elegant dots embossing folder from Stampin' Up!  

For depth, the layer was raised using Stampin' Up! dimensionals, as was the sentiment.  You may have noticed I use lots of Stampin' Up! products - they are awesome!

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Monday, 13 July 2015

Sunday, 12 July 2015


This weekend brought hot hot weather.  It was an enjoyable afternoon spent swimming and staying cool. And, I thought I might have the start of a tan, but by the evening, yikes - it was a burn, not too bad though.  Yes, I know better.  I hope your weekend was great!

Candlesticks - love 'em, so in my search for pretty and unique candlesticks, I found this cutie!  Okay, so not the most unique, but I do have good news.  I also found this fantastic little plate which clearly was made to be with the candlestick!  The bunny is sweet, and that bit of pink makes is a perfect match.  I wish the deep pink colour of the candlestick could be seen the my pic.

Hop - how cute is this!!  My first re-purpose project - yay!

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Friday, 10 July 2015

Baby Shower Card

Winter is clearly over, and we moved into what is known as pot hole season, construction get my drift.  Well, I think it`s baby season!  In other words, I`ve had a few requests lately for baby shower cards!

Today I have for you, card one of three requested by my co-worker.

Here we go....

This is my first attempt at cutting out a stamped image - in this case, the giraffe.  It would have been much easier if I`d been able to locate my preferred scissors, but I`m always up for a wee challenge and managed quite well without them.  Heart shaped balloons....awwww!

I see myself making this card again...same colours, different colours, multi-colours - ooh...I like that idea! 

That`s all for now.  Be sure to check back soon to see the second baby shower card.

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Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Happy Mid-week!

Whatever you want to call it - we're half way through the work week!  Now, is it just me, or do we all count the days until Friday, then start all over again on Monday!? LOL

Today I have a card for you that I'll happily admit, is a CASE (copy and share everything)
from my favourite Stampin' Up! demonstrator

I wanted this to have a vintage look, and to achieve that look, I used a sponge to add colour to the roses.  Then, I backed the layer with cardstock to make it thicker, and used Stampin' Up! dimensionals to give the card depth.  A clean & simple card!

By the're not seeing things...the layer is on an angle. I meant to do that.

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Monday, 6 July 2015

Motivational Mondays

We both love this and remind ourselves to have the courage to take the step that gets us to where we want to be!! 

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Lolly & Sand

Sunday, 5 July 2015

One of a Kind

That's what this card is - one of a kind, and the reason I say that is because of the watercolour aspect of the background.

I sprinkled a powdered paint medium called Bister onto watercolour paper and sprayed it with water.  Each time I use Bister I get a unique look which is exactly why I love using it.

Once it dried, I stamped the image and sentiment using black Stazon ink, then punched the butterfly and ovals - both Stampin' Up! products.


A truly one of a kind card for a one of a kind lady!  Mom loves the card!

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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Three Little Owls

Happy Saturday!  What a beautiful day; the sun is shining and I can see more flowers blooming in my garden. 

A lovely lady I worked with years ago asked me to make a special baby card.  Her niece recently gave birth to triplets - a boy and two girls.  Coincidentally, I had just re-discovered my Stampin' Up! owl punch, and went to work.  The resulting card is one of my new favourites!  It's got subtle 'bling', texture, and the cuteness factor necessary for a baby card.

The card looks a bit washed-out, but I assure you it's just the lighting.  I use my cell phone as a camera, and generally get some decent results; however I'm trying to use natural lighting and am struggling a bit.  Regardless, the card is super cute!  Did I just toot my own horn??  Yup! LOL

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Friday, 3 July 2015

S is for Sand - hey that's me!!

I have another lovely quilled letter for you today.  But first, let's go back to my previous post; a  minor detail was neglected.  The base of the quilling is a white wooden letter - you probably figured that out already!

For my quilled letter, I chose pastels - oh so pretty!  The same technique was used as in Lolly's letter. 

Did you notice something?  Compare the 'L' to the 'S' - it's no accident that we chose completely different colours.  We have many similarities and differences, naturally.  For her letter, Lolly chose a rich, bold pallet, whereas I went subtle...this time!

I'm totally in love with quilling.  Still learning, but enjoying every moment!

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Pretty Quilled Letter

Lolly Lolly Lolly get your....quilling here.  Do you remember Schoolhouse Rock?  I do, and it might have contributed to my penchant for changing the words in songs.

For today's project, I present to you, the letter 'L'.  I gave Lolly her choice of colours, and she chose a rich and beautiful combination.

I thought about using my fringer, but found it much more satisfying and therapeutic to use my little scissors to make the tiny cuts on the 1/8" wide quilling paper.  Teeny flowers and even smaller tight rolls - love love love the letter 'L'.

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Wednesday, 1 July 2015