Art with Heart Mixed Media Workshops

Fall in love with mixed media painting at my Art with Heart painting workshop  With my method of teaching you'll learn layering of paints and adding unique textures to your painting all in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.  There are no set rules and any 'mistake' is a happy accident.  No experience is required.

Dad was a talented wood carver,who also cut and carved wood for my crafts - pretty handy, eh! 😊 So, for many years I designed and painted Christmas ornaments.  When Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's and unable to wood carve, I started card making, and from there, learned paper quilling (paper filigree), which I use on cards and ornaments.

My Quilled Christmas Ornaments

My background in mixed media painting came about in an interesting way.  I was visiting a shop in Stayner, a small town in Ontario cottage country, when I noticed some unique artwork, which I purchased.  I'd never heard of Kelly Rae Roberts, but her art spoke to me. Months later, a dear friend was visiting me and had brought a book she was excited to show me.  As I flipped through the pages, I kept saying 'this looks familiar to me', and I left the room to retrieve the artwork I had purchased. You guessed it - the book and the artwork were both Kelly Rae Roberts.  Small world!  Anyway, I signed up for Kelly Rae's e-courses, learned a lot, painted a lot, and here we are today!

I use my love of stamping not only for cards, but in my mixed media as well.  Heat embossing on mixed media provides another level of texture.  It's great to be able to use Stampin' Up! products
for my art!


I currently have 2 workshop options available.  As host/hostess you decide on the option for you and your guests and what size of canvas everyone will use.  Minimum of 6 people to run the workshop, maximum 10. Half payment one week in advance of workshop is required, balance at workshop. Non-refundable.

Option 1
  • You and your guests paint with layers of texture and colour, plus add a stamped message, verse or sentiment.  I bring all the supplies required.  
  • I bring all required supplies
  • Cost: $45 workshop,$15 kit fee - per person
  • Host/Hostess chooses size of wood canvass - 8x8, 8x10, or 10x10 (extra $3 per)
  • Host/Hostess doesn't pay kit fee
Option 2
  • Same style as Option 1, but with elements of collage.
  • I bring all required supplies, including collage material
  • Cost $50 workshop, $25 kit fee - per person
  • Host/Hostess chooses size of wood canvass - 8x8, 8x10, or 10x10 (extra $3 per)
  • Host/Hostess doesn't pay kit fee
  • Workshop requires extra time due to collage
How to Book Your Workshop

To book your workshop contact me at or if you follow Lolly & Sand on Facebook, you can private message me.

Gallery of a few works in progress


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